Lyrics By Luna

Hello & Welcome to Lyrics by Luna.

Let me start by introducing myself.
My name is Kat.
I started writing poetry & lyrics in my teenage years (as a creative form to express how i was feeling).
Years later i am still writing, creating lyrics, poems & the occasional journal/diary entries.
Whenever a lyric pops into my head it’s wrote down & if the words flow…. they flow.
I feel now is the time for those poems, lyrics & songs to be released.
I just wanted to say……..
No matter where you are in the World know this….
You are Loved & Your gifts (whether known or yet to be discovered) can shift the World.
Embrace Who You Are. Each of us is here for a reason no matter what it may be.
Like the saying goes……
Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe.
Thank You for visiting my page & i hope you enjoy the content.
Feel free to drop me a message in the comments
(whether it good or bad it’s all part the journey of
Ever Changing & Every Evolving 😊).


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