11/04/2004- Poem

Lying on my bed at night.
Hugging my teddy tight.
Looking up at the ceiling, daydreaming.
About you.
Wondering if I’ll see you again.
Hoping i will, but i don’t know when.
Wishing on my lucky star.
Hoping it will shine, where you are.

I wonder if this is a dream, a fantasy come true.
If dreams come from the heart, mines made  from you.
Can’t explain the way I’m feeling, on a high my world is spinning.
Stuck in a fantasy.
Wanna make it reality
Boy won’t you listen to me!.

How many times do i have to say it.
How many times do i have to prove it.
Tell me do i have to shout it from the rooftops.
Do i have to scream it in the street.
Boy i dunno what to do, so I’m gonna sing it to you.

I love you with all my heart.
I’ve always loved you from the start.
You mean everything to me.
I’m thinking of you constantly.
In my heart is where you’ll be.
Today, tomorrow & always.


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