Whatever your day brings…..


You’re amazing.
You’re loved.
You’re wanted.
You’re strong.

We’ve all been through battles that we thought were going to break us (the feeling of being in a huge dark pit with no way out) then finding the strength day by day to climb out of it & reach the warm glow of sunlight.

In a world full of fear & darkness…


Embrace your passion whatever it may be (creating music, writing poetry, dress making, meditation etc).

Each of us were born with a gift(s) (whether we’ve found our passion/path or whether we’re still discovering it). It’s all part of the journey.

Many may have faced criticism (“You’re not good enough”, “it’s a waste of time”, “you won’t make it”) the list of Negative criticism is endless……

However there’s a person that has endless power, knowledge, strength, support & creativity, love & compassion & that person is YOU.

Deep within your very BEing you’ve always known you’re worth more than what other people’s opinions are (remember an opinion is only 1 sided) you have the power to let it affect you or not.

Have you ever walked into a room & instantly sensed something? Your mood has changed by being there? It’s because you’re picking up on the energy.

A smile can change someone’s day.
Same as you walking into a crowded room when you’re buzzing & feeling epic  people will pick up on that energy whether they noticed it (consciously) or not (subconsciously).

Be The Light in someone’s darkness today.

Whether it’s a smile, helpful gesture, a listening ear, a hug, a chat on the phone, creating music (ever listened to a tune & instantly your mood is lifted?) Etc.

Ever Changing.
Ever Evolving.

You’re a Sovereign BEing.
One Of A Kind.

You’re the Light in the Darkness

Embrace yourself with love.

I hope you have an amazing Blessed Day wherever You Are xxxx


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