Destiny Angel VS Life. 19/05/2005.

*A poem about a loved one who passed on*

Destiny Angel VS Life.19/05/2005.

Singing a song today.
Trying to get through another day.
Trying to keep myself together.
Still got this shooting pain in my heart.
I’m dreaming of tomorrow & I’m hoping I’ll be happy coz being sad just ain’t me.

Wonder if I’ll find love.
Wonder what will happen.
Is it in the stars above, that make things happen?.
I’ve been through so much in my life.
Heartache, pain, depression, running away.
But my mistakes make me stronger each day.
I normally look up at the sky & wonder if she’s watching me.
Even though she’s been gone for 7years, i miss her as each day goes by.
She’s my angel in the sky.
I look back & think.
God I’ve been through loads & I’m still here.
It’s only because, i keep true friends near & also my angel’s watching over me.
Life can be a twisted ride.
But face it, don’t run & hide
There’s always someone there for you.
No matter what you do.
Stay true to yourself & you’ll make it through.


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