Hey Boy. 16/05/2005


Hey Boy.

Ever since the day i left you, things ain’t been the same.
I’ve been going round in circles, feeling all sorts of pain.
Can’t believe i let you go.
It was stupid of me, but now i know we were meant to be.
Together happy you & me.
You’ve got a new girlfriend & I’m happy for you.
But secretly deep down, I’ll never stop loving you.
You’re on my mind 24/7.
Dreaming about you feels like heaven.
I want you back in my arms & you making me laugh with your wacky charms.
I miss your cuddles, your kisses, your hugs.
The way you made me smile & giggle.
I’m thinking about the good times we had now.
We were happy & sometimes i was a cow sorry.
Wishing & dreaming don’t seem to work no more & knowing that makes my heart sore.
I need to stop thinking about you, but i can’t.
Everytime i do i chant- he’s with her, move on girl & find someone new.
But it don’t seem to work anymore.
I can’t cry, I’m not gonna.
Nothing goes the way you wanna.
I’m sorry for what I’ve put you through & 1 things true.
I’ll never stop loving you.
Hello with a hug.
Goodbye with a kiss.
You’re the one I’ll always miss xx


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