My Love 4 U. 20/09/2005. 12:14AM.

*A poem about first loves in those teenage years of life*

(Personal note if anyone’s curious… No it didn’t last but alot of lessons were learned.)

I know a day will come.
When we’ll go our separate ways.
Our hearts will break & we’ll drift in different directions.
In time the pain will fade & a new love will grow.
But i just wanted to let you know.
My love for you will never die.
Even if we don’t last the distance.
You’ll always be a part of me, my mate, my bf & the sparkle in my life.
The day the sun blows up.
The night the moon don’t show.
The time when the stars stop shining.
That’s the day I’ll stop loving you.
You’re my dream come true.
You’re a miracle that saved my life.
You’re the reason my heart glows & grows every second.
With you is like a lifetime in Heaven.
And if i ever lose you.
The pain will hurt like hell.
But i know in time it will heal.
I’m praying on my lucky star that will never happen.
The first day i met you, you made me smile.
The second time, you made me laugh.
And the third time i fell in love.
And that spark is keeping my heart glowing when we’re apart.
Deep down you’re still the boy i met but you’ve grown alot since then.
I’m glad I’ve found someone who makes me happy but also teaches me new things.
You’re taming me I’m not much of a wild cat anymore.
I don’t wanna lose you ever again but i just want you to know.
We may have our highs & lows.
Ups & downs.
Smiles & frowns.
But I’ll never stop loving you.
You’re like a shooting star.
You made an impact not just on my heart but on my life.
As long as you’re safe & ok. I’m ok.
If somethings bothering you, I’m here for you.
If you need a cuddle my arms are always open.
And if you ever need someone to talk to, my phones always on & one last thing….


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