Type Of Girl. 10/11/2012.

*This is a poem about a rebound (the stage where a long term relationship has ended & you’re out looking for someone to take the pain away. In those dark & lonely moments you just want someone to love you even if that person isn’t right.) After reading this poem nearly 10years later, i still have that fire in me & I’m proud of the lessons 24 year old me learnt. Hindsight can be a pain but it can also be a healer. As a good friend once said “we go through the hurt to heal & in healing ourselves we can then heal others”) Shout Out to all my Soul Sisters for believing & encouraging me to embrace my gifts Love & Light to you all always xxx*

I’m the type of girl,
who can’t drink without music blasting.
I’m the type of girl,
who blasts my music when a guy breaks my heart.
I’m the type of girl,
who is true from the start.
I’m the type of girl,
who is a one man woman.
I’m the type of girl,
who will treat you how you treat me.
I’m the type of girl,
who will love you unconditionally.
I’m the type of girl,
who will stand strong.
I’m the type of girl,
you can’t string along.
I’m the type of girl,
who will stand by your side.
I’m the type of girl,
who won’t take your lies.

I’m a girl 24 going on 25.
I’ve been through alot, in a short amount of time.
I’ve got through the shit all alone.
I’ve walked through the fire & brimstone.
If you’re worth it, i will wait.
Cause i know somewhere, you feel the same.

I ain’t like the rest.
That’s not who i am.
Like i said I’m a one man woman.
It bugs me that i miss you.
And that you’re on my mind
It bugs me that you blanked me & wasted my time.
It annoys me that you didn’t tell me, you didn’t want to be mine.

I’m not weak, naive, immature & fragile.
A girl like me will move on in a while.
But a girl like me has a downfall too.
If a girl like me likes a guy like you.
That girl will wait & hold out for you.
She won’t bug you.
She won’t text.
She won’t ring.
Incase you get vexxed.
She’ll focus on her own life.
Day by day.
She’ll rely on herself.
No matter what gets put in her way.
She’ll stand tall & strong.
A rebel against the shit.
Head held high.
Music even higher.
It’s all she knows.
To get through the fire.
Her strength is her inner self.
Her weakness is love.
Thinking of you’s annoying.
I do it everyday.
You breakin my heart is the pain that never goes away xXx


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