What I’m Trying Not To Say. 25/01/2006.

*A break up poem*

Hidden message.
Hidden thoughts.
Hidden feelings.
Hidden heart.
Hidden love.
And all the pain of moving on when the past is still a comforting memory of what you once had.
And a sad voice of a memory when you hear the words “move on, i don’t love you”.
Deep in the core of your mind and the screw ups that followed, was too much for your heart to bare.
So whenever your feelings for the person come back.
You think back to a time when they f**ked up & you think to yourself I’m happy where i am.
Even though your heads in the future.
Your hearts in the past.
Til you find someone new to fill the gap where *The One* once was there.
You miss everything, you want it back.
But you know you can’t have it.
So you force yourself to move on & forget the feelings.
It does work but not for long.


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