Burning bridges
Cutting ties
& walking away is easy.

Once the lies are uncovered, then the bullshit cover up story happens & then the trust is broken forever.

Once I’m gone I’m gone.

I know my worth, my gutt instinct is spot on & i won’t be manipulated by anyone.

I know who has my back & who never did.

I’ve met some great people over the years whom I’ve known for a shorter amount of time yet their actions & how they treat people to their faces as well as behind their backs make me trust them more than someone I’ve known since my teens.

*****Honesty & loyalty*****

Keep your jackanory sob story & i suggest you turn to her for advice from now on since you were seeing her when you knew the backstory of the situation.

Be mindful of your actions as Karma is a bigger bitch than I choose to be……………


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