Cuz. 16/03/2016.

*This is a poem about missing family & looking back reminiscing. Drifting is a normal part of life. I will always love those who have either parted ways with me or visa versa. There’s no love lost & there’s no bad feelings. There’s only Love, Light, Health & Happiness i wish for them on their journey.
People come into your life & stay. While others come, teach you a lesson you needed to learn & leave. It’s an Ever Changing Ever Evolving process.*

I tried to.
Be like you
But it wasn’t enough.

Tried to be brave.
To stand my ground.
Refuse to be.
Pushed around.
To speak my mind.
To state my truth.
Not to let my emotions.
Go through the roof.

To stand up tall.
To walk with pride.
Be proud of.
Who i am inside.

Take no shit.
From man or bitch.
Pull a fist.
But don’t let it twitch.
If they make the first move.
Then it’s time for you to switch.

All those memories from when we were kids.
Now it’s lead to this
I miss you Cuz but we haven’t kept in touch.
I wasn’t enough.
I didn’t grow up.

I’m too late.
It’s too late to fix.
All that stuff I’ve missed.
I wasn’t there neither were you.
We drifted too far & became two.
Two strangers we were once family.
I guess it’s time for me to grow up.
I guess it’s time for me to stop missing you.
We aren’t the people we once were.
We’ve drifted apart.
It’s time to move on………..


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