Never. 10/11/2012.


You won’t break me.
I’m too strong for that.
You can’t hurt me.
It’s a matter of fact.
You won’t ever.
See me cry.
I’ve been there.
Done that.
I know all your lies.

6 months ago.
I was fragile.
I was weak.
6 months ago.
My future seemed bleak.
6 months ago.
I lost sight of myself.
6 months ago.
Was when i really needed help.

You broke me down.
Spinned me around & turned my world upside down.
You broke my heart.
You tore me apart.

When you reach rock bottom.
The only way is up.
When you get knocked down.
You gotta get back up.
When you’re drowning in tears.
You gotta force a smile.
Coz baby…….
This is only gonna last a while.

The girl i see in the mirror.
Oh my she’s changed!.
You’ll Never
Coz karma come back around!!!!!!

What was once.
Will never be.
What you ruined.
You’ll never see.
Who i was.
I’ll never be.
Who I Am.
Is my Destiny.

Living for today.
For a better tomorrow.
No more rows, tears & sorrows.


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