Spiritual Awakening 28/07/2021


Spiritual Awakening…….

No it’s not all walking around smiling & vibing high 24hrs a day 7days a week.

A Spiritual Awakening is messy.

Just when you think you’ve resolved one unhealed past trauma, another will happen & a another lesson to be learned/trauma to be healed, cleared & released.

You’ll see synchronisities numbers, animals etc.
(in my case repeated numbers on the digital clock, car dashboard & washing machine/microwave).

If you’re lucky you’ll remember what those numbers mean (I’ve been awake since April 2020 & I’m still on the Sacred Scibes website looking up numbers on the number index).

Am i love & light all the time??

Am i fuck!

I swear & i get triggered.

I tend to OBserve more than ABsorb when i feel triggered (instead of calling someone a Funny Stunt!, i tend to switch off & OBserve the situation & not allow any emotional attachment to it -ABsorbing-).

From speaking to my Soul Sisters I’ve learnt alot (trauma is like onion layers. You go through the trauma, allowing to feel it & then release it).

You hurt (go through the trauma) to heal (to heal the trauma).

Emotions are stored in the body & if not released they can affect you (even unhealed trauma from years ago has a way of popping up & biting you in the backside like a nasty Hello MoFo remember me?!).

Nothing is as crystal clear cut as many think it is.

It’s like when you think you’ve figured out a lesson, the universe will serve it again to see how you react to it the next time round (will it be the same reaction? Ok that didn’t work. Let’s try again but this way…..).

It’s about knowing how you react……

Did i react to that situation from
Or did i react from my Soul?.

Ego is all about serve to self.
Whereas Soul is about service to others.

No it doesn’t mean if someone wants £50 from me i automatically dish money out like an interest free ATM.

It’s about setting boundaries. If something doesn’t sit well with Your intuition you say No. Instead of feeling like a guilty people pleaser (oh if i don’t do this so & so won’t like me).

Yeah you’re probably going to feel isolated & alone. And at times you might even think you’re going crazy for seeing/feeling things.

A Spiritual Awakening is about letting go of who people expect/want you to be.


Are you going to cry & break down?
Does the Dark Soul happen only once?
I’m not sure. But i have felt uneasy a few times on my Spiritual Journey.

You’re going to go through things you thought were resolved long ago.

You might even feel like you’re drifting away from friends, family & work mates. It’s totally normal when you raise your vibrational frequency people do fall away (like you’re releasing what no longer serves you.)

Eg: That distant cousin you didn’t vibe with, Universe be like Yeah they gone. You still love & wish them well but they gone.

That relationship you thought was solid or weren’t sure you wanted to be in anymore… Universe be like Yeah we gonna shake that up & bring these unresolved issues to the surface.

There’s no more “Just get on with it.”

Universe be like you’re gonna feel it & you’re gonna resolve it. No more of this brushing it all under the carpet BS. You facing it, you feeling it, you embracing it (a bye bye cuddle) & you releasing it.

And guess what any trauma YOU release…..

You release it from your family lineage (ancestors), the generation here now (current family) & future generations.

You’re Here For A Reason.

Embrace your loving Sovereign BEing.

Embrace Your Gifts & shine/share them to the world.

Even walking into a shopping centre vibing high you’re affecting people subconsciously & lifting them also.

I Love You………..

Be Blessed………

Love & Light To All x


One thought on “Spiritual Awakening 28/07/2021

  1. Im now not sure where you are getting your info, but good topic. I must spend a while studying more or working out more. Thanks for great info I used to be looking for this info for my mission.


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