Who Am I? 29/05/2020.


Who am i?

I am a mix of light & dark.
I am the witch with a warriors heart.
I am the wish my ancestors once made.
I am the defiance who was once told to behave.
I am the knowledge & eternal light.
I have the power to control my mind.
I can heal with only knowing.
I have a low tolerance of people moaning.

I call back my divine power & i embrace my light & dark.

Because i know who i am

I’ve known from the start.

Yes my path is different & yes i don’t eat when I’m sad. But i chose this path of mine no one else. I know who i am & refuse to lose my inner strength ever again.
I wish to grow in love & light. And yes i understand awakening takes time.
Let me be. I will take one day at a time. But making cheap digs don’t sit well with my divine.
You don’t know me & nor i you.
You have your path as do all of us do.

I’m taking one day at a time so don’t be harsh. If i decide to say fuck it alot.

These words don’t rhyme & they weren’t intended to. These words are from my divine. That i can’t speak to you.

So feel how you feel & do as you do. For we are all learning in this awakening age too.

Love & light.


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