Blog. 29/07/2021.

Spiritual Blog 29/07/2021.

Starseed log 2357 藍

One of the things i love about being Spiritually Awakened is being more intune & aware of how other people react.

Whether they’re acting from Ego (self)
Soul (service to others).

Sometimes when it comes to people from the past (exs, estranged family/friends etc) it’s like watching them operate from old software.

You already know the moves they’re going to play before they show their hand.

And instead of previously feeling/acting from a place of anger & frustration (normally before the awakening process occurs) you free yourself from it all & you act from Soul (“oh he’s acting like this again, instead of feeling frustration like i did last time. This time round i CHOOSE to react from a place of CALM).

It’s about noticing your triggers & understanding why they’re being brought to the surface, working through them & releasing them. Again onion layers 暈.

I’ve had a few occasions where I’ve had to switch off emotionally & OBSERVE the situation & not react (without ABSORBING others emotions) others emotions & opinions are not my own therfore i CHOSE not to let them AFFECT my high vibrations.

Eg- your sibling is acting like an arsehole. You don’t have to engage with the shitty energy they’re emitting. You OBserve not ABsorb (OB not AB).

It’s an amazing feeling being awake.
You see & feel so much more.
Not just to those around you but also people you come across in your everyday life.

Nature seems so much more vibrant & colourful.
The sky looks clearer (have you noticed those beautiful hues of pink, purple, orange & yellow in the summer evenings ).
Even the clouds have changed.

It’s like viewing life from a new lense & new perspective.

Some may see Fear.
But you see Love & you act from a place of Love.
Wherever you are on your spiritual journey know that you are loved & that you are safe xxxx

Love & Light to All x


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