23 *Poem* (Written on 12/10/2021)

It’s the
Little things

That you don’t remember, til you’re
Looking back, dreaming back to a time.
When i could of been yours
& you could of been mine.
Classes full of laughter. Teen crushes in the Summer.
Too shy to tell you. What i really thought about you.
Should of spoke up & let my shyness shine through. Let my cheeks turn red & to finally tell you.
My first crush at 10years old. My shy secret never to be told.

23years fly by & i can still remember those days.
Cracking jokes in school & that little crush haze.
If i could flip a page & travel back in time.
I’d tell younger me to pick a funny chat up line.
I’d tell her to be brave & if it backfires laugh it off.
As you never get very far in life playing it safe & being soft.

Free Spirit, Funny & Sarcastic.
Magic, Intuitive & a lot less Dramatic.

I hope you’re doing well & your life is blessed.
I hope you’ve found someone special & your life is less stressed.
I hope your music is lighting up someone’s world.
From what i can remember.
That smile lit up a room.

23years on.
Maybe you could of been the right one.
But then again i could of been the wrong one.

Maybe in another time or another place.
As lately it’s in my dreams (atleast that’s what the Universe dictates).

Have a Blessed & Blissed Out life.
Another time.
Another place………….


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