Long Blog 14/10/2021

Felt the urge to write this out today x

These last few weeks I’ve been feeling triggered (and in doing so I’ve noticed I’ve got some healing or Shadow Work to do. In Spiritual Terms). So the last few days I’ve been a ghost.
Trying to figure things out & release the negative vibes.

You see when someone is triggered it’s like a a flag going up so it let’s you know there’s inner work to be done. And a few emotions to be released.

For me personally it was guilt.

Guilt for not saying No in a situation i said Yes to (not listening to your authenic self & setting a boundary).
And also for saying No (“but that person needs you”).

You see the Awakening is a crazy thing.

• Some might isolate themselves for a period of time to do inner work & work things out that’s coming to the surface.

• Some may feel they are distancing from people as what they had in common before they no longer have in common now (gossiping, what celebs are upto, what’s being spoken about on the Mainstream News etc).
• Like if things no longer resonate (feel right) you desire peace, quiet, sanctuary away in Nature/Gaia (forests, beaches, countryside), solitude, meditation.
• Some are drawn to Art & Creating (whether it be songs, poems, blogs, music, dance, writing, designing etc).

I’ve got no interest in what other people are doing (gossip). Although i will admit i have slipped up on a few occasions. As i haven’t been watching myself/my reactions.

You see some people are going to have a version of you in there head & opinions of that version of you.

Even someone who’s known you you’re whole life can have a version of you in their mind & that version of you in Their head is unlikely to change.

However as you become Who You Are & start speaking Your Truth. People are going to fall away. As the Authentic version of YOU doesn’t line up with Their perception of who they assume/would like you to be/how They see you.

You see a person can change who they are in a second (it all starts with mindset).

Example- you realise the job you’ve been in for 10+ years isn’t bringing you joy anymore & over time the notion of having to go to that job has changed from excitement to a mundane routine. So you decide to look for a new job/career. You even take a few courses to get there. Step by step. You get the job/start the business. It brings you joy, happiness & freedom. People start noticing your Radiant Glow & are drawn to you. So you speak & teach them. Then a few months down the line you’ve got a small network of people/communities living in harmony.

You see when you discover Who You Truly are it unlocks talents & gifts within you that can change the world around you.

That Spark.
Becomes a Fire.
That Fire becomes a Radiant Glow.

Like a Light in the Darkness.

For me……

I’m in the Catapillar Sludge Mode.
I’m in the cocoon (isolating myself, changing, shifting, evolving).
I know as i change & shift.
People are gonna start falling away.

You see when a person realises Who They Are.

Who other people see them as become past versions.

Like you think you know me but you don’t as I’m constantly working on a better version of me.

And the personal boundaries/standards i didn’t set before. I am setting now.

I am Approachable (feel free to talk to me).
But I’m not Accessible (if my intuition says no then I’m not going against it).

Doesn’t mean I’m gonna lock myself away like a hermit. It means I’m gonna respect my Authentic Self & Who I Am/Who I’m becoming by setting boundaries.

If you’re going through something similar. It’s easy to feel the lower emotions (guilt, anger, sadness etc) but always remember it’s a feeling & feelings can change same a a light switch being switched on & off.

Just had a notion pop into my head.


FEEL-IN (as in go within & work on the emotion. Try to figure out what’s bringing it to the surface to be Realised And Released *RAR*).

Also handy tip- is the feeling/emotion yours?. Like you wake up feeling happy, then you have a conversation with someone who’s peed off, then you come away feeling peed off also but not aware of as to why.

It’s because you’ve picked up someone else’s emotions (like picking up a suitcase that isn’t yours).

Empaths pick up on others emotions & feel them as their own.

Deep breathe in & out. For 5 or more cycles. Come back to you heart centre.

The Hawaiian Ho’oponopono method can also help. I will attach a book photo i reccomend to this blog incase anyone finds it useful.

Have a Blessed Day wherever You are in there World xxx


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