Song-To-A-Poem 15/10/2021

I don’t want your money.
I don’t want the bling.
I don’t want designer.
Or meaningless things.
I don’t want a fancy car.
Or the latest new phone.

I just
Want a man, want a man.
Who knows how to treat, a unique woman.
Someone who has drive &, who knows how to lead…..
Someone who can make, decisions.
Instead of always leaving it up, to me.
Someone who can drive, a car.
Instead of me, being the only, driver.
Someone who’s not glued, to their phone.
Someone who enjoys romantic time, alone.
Someone who’s, spontaneous.
Instead of the typical, mr mysterious.
Someone who listens, & actually remembers what, was spoke….
Instead of always assuming, & treating me like a joke.

Have you ever looked back, & wondered……
Why did i make that choice?.
I know I’ve got a big mouth, but when did i lose my voice?.

Take no shit from man or bitch.
Stand your ground, inch by inch.
Set boundaries & your standards higher.
Stop putting up with a excuses, from a promise giving liar.

When did i get so stuck?.
Stuck in a rutt, from the same old stuff?.
Same shit, different day.
Stuck in the routine of, come what may.
Maybe tomorrow will be different?.
Maybe the spark will return?
I seriously doubt it, that bridge has been burned.

Focusing on me & the ones i hold close.
The ones who listen & actually know me the most.
The ones who i can speak freely to, no judgement from past.
No criticism, no poxy masks.
An ear to listen, a shoulder to cry.
Anytime calls, when tears stream from your eyes.

I know who I Am, but many don’t see.
They don’t see behind THEIR, deep rooted opinions of me.

I’ve no desire to prove myself, to anybody.
Especially those who are surrounded, in negativity.



*It’s 23.55pm & I’ve only just finished this (busy day). It was planned to be a song but it kind of went in the other direction to a poem (yep, I’m tired) maybe i will touch it up….. maybe i won’t……… If anymore lyrics pop into my head tomorrow/next few days, i will work on them when I’m more awake haha. Night x*

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