High Vibrations & How To Send Them Blog 16/10/2021.

If you read the SEX- Sacred Energy Xchange Blog…

You’ll know I mentioned about sending good vibrations to people. During mass meditations many meditate globally to help raise humanity’s high vibrational frequency.

You can send out positive high vibrational vibes wherever you are…..

For me…. If I’m vibing high & I’m shopping i normally send out good vibes to people (i wish them healing & to awaken). I know they probably won’t pick up on the high vibrations consciously but i know they’re picking up on them subconsciously.

Notice the 6metre distance thing a while ago……..

All it takes is a mindset.

The way i send high positive vibes is this……

This is my personal method……

I close my eyes.
Take a deep breath in.
Focus on my heart centre & imagine it opening up.
I think of the positive vibes i wish to send the person I’m sending it to (Eg Love, Light, & Healing sent to *name*).
And as i take that deep breath out & open my eyes……
I imagine the positive energy being sent out to that person.
Like a ray of golden light.

Even thinking positive thoughts can help (Eg. I really hope that person has a good day).

Meditation is also a way of sending good vibes out (Meditation is also great for grounding & bringing you back to centre. Especially if you’ve been stressed).

Music is another form of raising vibrations. That euphoric feeling you get when you’re dancing & you’re so happy. Blissed out even……..

Positive vibes can also been seen through art (paintings, drawings, mosaics etc).

All forms of expression……

Wherever you are in the world I hope you have a Blessed Day/Night β€οŒο™οŒ οŒŒοŒŸ


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