SEX- Sacred Energy Xchange Blog 16/10/2021

Let’s talk about SEX…….

Not that type where you sleep with someone then never see them again…..

The kind where you connect on a Spiritual level as well as the physical level.

You see SEX is a


You connect through the Sacral Chakra.

You’d be surprised how much energy you can exchange just by sleeping with someone.

But sometimes when you sleep with someone it can put your vibe off & you can be left confused as to why.

It’s similar to what Empaths feel when they walk into a room & pick up on the vibes that aren’t their own (like picking up the wrong suitcase metaphor).

When you’re with that special person (that loving bond) did you know you can also send them healing vibes?.

*PLEASE NOTE you can send someone good vibes in other ways not just through SEX. I will get to that in another blog*

It’s weird when you awaken & start your Spiritual Journey as a lot of things do change……

Whoever you’re connecting with………

May Both of your Vibes be High ❤


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