The Shift Blog 16/10/2021

As more of Humanity awaken each day to the BS & to Who They Really Are……

The more the Split & Shift happens….

As we move away from the 3D/4D narratives (taxes, big pharma, poverty, illnesses etc).

& into the 5D (free energy, Gesara, cures released, med beds, no evil, fair elections etc).

Right now it may seem like you’re living in the V For Vendetta movie (very similar story line to now & set in 2021). The new James Bond film (there’s a lot in there too).

Things are shifting…….

The 144, Lightworkers, Light Warriors, The Three Waves, Starseeds etc…. Everyone is awake.

So many from all walks of life……

The Great Awakening is bringing everyone together. There’s no separation. We all stand & unite.

The Shift is happening (look around….. how vivid are the colours in Nature & clear the Sky)…………

As you Shift & Evolve… People might fall away…

Lately I’m drifting away from ALOT of people. But I understand why it’s happening. From an observer point of view.

I know who I’m drifting from & why………

I also know that who I’m with……. It’s not forever (and that’s what my intuition is telling me). Also I think the Universe has been dropping a few hints (dream wise) also.

So yeah the Shift can happen in more ways than one.

Fear doesn’t exist in 5D. You live from the HEART.

The Universe speaks to you in alot of ways (numbers, synchronisities, animals, dreams, songs, nature, feathers etc).

Keep Going…….
You’ve Got This…….
You’re Here At This Time In Humanity’s Existence For A Reason……….

Wherever you are in the world. I hope you have a Blessed Day/Night.


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