Finally Embracing Poem. 17/10/2021.

If you “Know” Me?

What do i do, in my spare time?
If I’m not sitting down, making rhymes.
What do i say, every night?
Before, lying down, turning out the light.
What do i, wish the world to be…?
Above all else, specifically…….
What’s my manta, how does it go…..
What is LLHPHDS?, do you even know……..
I write it down in short, all the time….
I think about it, even when i drive.
When I’m in that chilled vibing, state….
Music on loud, still awake…….
You see me noticing numbers, but do you know what they mean?.
Have you looked it up, on your screen?.
What makes me go Wow?, In the day & night?
It’s mesmerising, & right in sight.
You can hear me talking, but do you listen to what i say?.
Do you even remember, day to day.

You see you don’t know me, like you think you do.
We’ve been drifting for so long, if you only knew.
Knew who I am, inside & out.
There’d be no reason to moan, scream or shout.
I’m growing into, who I’ve always been.
Like shedding layers, to reveal new skin.
Becoming Who I Am, day by day.
Growing in confidence, in my own way.
Creating, Changing & Evolving….
Into the person, who deep down I’ve always been.
Finally embracing……


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