10 Year Old Me. Inner Child Blog. 19/10/2021.

In Spirituality some may have come across the phrase

Inner Child.

That aspect of you self that was once full of wonder, dreams & wishes.

Til you went through a few experiences that changed you…..

This is one of the many processes that can happen during an awakening.

Memories & past feelings are brought to the surface so they can be Realised, Acknowledged & Released (RAR).

It wasn’t until recently when i started to remember Who I Was before my teen years.

And oddly enough it all started when i remembered who i was & how happy i felt when i looked back at 1 memory.

It unlocked everything & things started to connect & fit into place like a jigsaw puzzle coming together to form the bigger picture.

10 year old me

I used to know a person back when i was 10. The School Term 1998.

The memory was of sitting across from that person & cracking jokes of who they were going to marry (“i now pronounce you husband & wife”) then fits of laughter. Then being separated put in the PC room as our laughter was disrupting the rest of the class.

Funnily enough i also remember the teacher reading out a test question

“How many teeth does a person have?”.

Then her reading out my answer & trying not to laugh.

“More than 100” .

I remember the red school cardigans.

Also my metallic teal school bag with metallic purple handles (it was basically a gym bag but at the time i thought it was cool).

Hiding in a hedge from teachers near a pond.

Looking back that person who i was back then, she had the potential to go far (she also could of done with a decent haircut instead of letting her fringe cover 1 of her eyes like a tomboy pirate ο˜„ haha).

Back then before secondary school. The world made sense.

Then i started writing shortly before my teens & I’ve kept going.

I sometimes think back to that 1 person & i hope they’re doing well in life.

I just wanted to say thank you. As after all these years (even though we lost touch since hitting secondary school).

You inspired me to set myself free & follow my path.

Setting up this website was a big step for me (putting so many personal songs, poems & blogs up for the world to see).

I doubt you’ll remember me.

Maybe the blue eyes & dodgy haircut ο˜….

Have an amazing day xx


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