Moonlight Dreams Poem 28/10/2021

Take me to the beach.
Give me a beat.
I wanna feel the wet sand beneath my feet.
Build a bonfire.
Crank up the tunes.
Dance with me under the glow of the moon.
A barefoot walk along the shore.
Telling eachother our dreams, goals & more.
Feeling shy, happy & free.
Watching the waves ripple along the sea.
Lying on the sand.
Gazing up at the sky.
Watching a shooting star as it races by.
Make a wish..
Magic can happen,
Hold me close until the sunrise.
Looking deeply into each others eyes.
Telling jokes & sharing stories.
Cringing at certain memories.
Revealing who we really are.
2 Free Spirits chatting under the stars.
No masks or egos in sight.
Just 2 souls talking under the glow of moonlight.
Chatting until the sun rises in the sky.
Not really wanting to say goodbye.
A goodbye hug & a kiss on the cheek.
Until next time………..


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