Call To All Blog 27/10/2021

*This Blog Was Originally Wrote On 27/10/2021*

Someone once said to me

“You can’t worry about everyone”.

Humanity’s has been going through a crazy time. What with the current situation in the world, people awakening & evil being uncovered.

The veil is thinning.

Yes, i do worry about Humanity. If 1 falls we all fall.

Even the ones from my past (cheers for the lessons, love & light. Bye).

Even strangers i pass on the street (walking by, hoping they have a good day).

Couples holding hands, people laughing, children running around learning & exploring.

In the midst of chaos we forget we are all One Tribe. From many different backgrounds & going through many different experiences.

Some may be douchebags…….
Yet some may be diamonds…..

Yin & Yang All Is One. Duality.

Light & Dark….

In a time of so much Diversion & Separation…..

It’s time we all come together & unite……

This is a call out to the one’s who never felt they fitted in……

The Dreamers.
The Healers.
The Spiritualists.
The Witches.
The Creators.
The Wild Ones.
The Old Souls.
The Lyrical Masters.
The Music Makers.
The Artists.
The Mediums.
The Mystics.
The Huggers.
The Hippies.
The Travellers.
The Lightworkers.
The Creators.
The Soul Tribes & Communities.

It’s time for Everyone to come Together.

Look around you……..

Look at the World………

Is this what you want future generations to have/experience?……..

Wherever you are on Earth/Gaia i hope you have a blessed day.


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