It’s Ok……. Blog. 18/11/2021

I felt i needed to wrote this just encase anyone needs to hear this………

It’s ok………..

It’s ok to cry.
It’s to feel lost.
It’s ok to feel uncertain.
It’s ok to want to isolate for abit.
It’s ok to not be motivated.
It’s ok to feel your emotions.
It’s ok if you feel the urge to hibernate for a while.
It’s ok if you need a break.
It’s ok if things don’t make sense.
It’s ok to not want to socialise.

It’s ok………..

Changing, Evolving & BEcoming the best version of you is never a straight line.

It’s a process (or as i call it the Catapillar BEcoming the Butterfly). That in-between stage is what i call the Catapillar Sludge stage. Where you feel you aren’t who you used to be but you’re unsure of where you’re going.

Some days you’ll be on top of the world.
Other days you won’t feel like getting out of bed.

It’s all a process.

Be kind to yourself.

If you feel you want to sleep, then sleep.
If you feel like screaming, then release the inner scream.
If you feel you need some time alone, take that time alone.

If an emotion pops up….

Feel it….

Acknowledge it…..


Release it………

We’re told not to cry & not to feel.

Then everything builds & builds…….

Til you snap & explode like a tidal wave of emotions.

Don’t let the emotions build up (as every unprocessed emotion adds to that explosive tidal wave) & emotions are stored in the body.

Keep going……..

Take a rest when you feel you need to………

Then come back even stronger than you were before………

Wherever you are in the world/Gaia i hope you have a blessed day/night xxx


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