Take some time BEing Blog 23/11/2021

Take some time……..

Away from the Tv & news.
Away from social media.
Away from the games console.
Away from the office & desk.
Away from the crowds.
Away from negative friends/family.

Turn off……
Tune in……..

Go for a walk in the forest.

Explore a new place you’ve never visited before.

Sit in silence & find peace in the quietness.

Meditate & focus on your heart centre (4 deep breaths in & out).

Spend some time alone.

Nurture yourself.

Love yourself.

Write down how you’re feeling.

Create (art, music, etc).

Listen to your intuition.

Camomille herbal tea with honey.

Read a book.

Sit by the window & watch the rain/glow of the moon.

Sit in a warm comfy bed, wrapped up in the sheets with a hot drink & watch the sun come up.


Listen to music that makes your soul dance.

Be around people who lift you when you’re feeling low.

A random act of kindness.

Help someone without getting anything in return.

Himalayan salt bath with essential oils/bubble bath/bath bomb (lavender is very calming). Relax & imagine the water cleansing away all the negative vibes & you renewing yourself.

Listen to Solfeggio Frequencies (music/meditations can be found on YouTube & Spotify. Simply add the number followed by hz then sit & relax).

Spend quality time with your loved ones.

Take photos of beautiful nature.

Lie on the grass & gaze up at the clouds.

Go for a walk in a flower meadow.

Walk barefoot (also known as grounding).

Cook & create a new dish.

Declutter/have a clear out (ask yourself does this item bring me joy? If not donate it, sell it or gift it to someone). As sometimes being around clutter can bring up feelings of anxiety/panic (“oh I’ve got so much to sort out. This is too much”).

Practice Mindfullness.

Colour in a colouring book (it’s helped many children & adults destress & calm down).

Volunteer & listen to someone else’s life stories (help the elderly & less fortunate).

If you have a skill (cooking, art, music, singing, playing an instrument, sport etc.) Teach it to the next generation.

Learn a new skill/train for a new profession.

Find & connect with your inner child (i still get amazed by sunsets & the moon/stars. And look on in wonder & amazement.)

Been thinking of messaging someone after you haven’t spoken in years? Reconnect. Send that Hello how are you message.


Sometimes abit of time away can help you come back into your centre (when other times you’ve felt off balance or overwhelmed with life).

It’s ok to experience emotions.
It’s ok to cry.

Realise, Acknowledge & Release (RAR).

We are all Human BEings.

Yet some of us forget to simply BE sometimes.

Wherever you are in the world/Gaia i hope you have a blessed day/night xxxxxxx


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