Soul Sisters Blog 24/11/2021

This blog is dedicated to 6 amazing women who I’ve grown to call my Soul Sisters. Each with their own divine wisdom & gifts. All of whom i am eternally grateful to have met, whom i cherish & love so much xxx

Along your Spiritual Awakening…….

You might find that you feel you’re starting to lose people from your life. This is normal. As the frequency changes some people will naturally drift apart.

During that period of isolation & feeling lost……

That’s normally when you find like minded souls (soul tribe or in my case Soul Sisters).

During meeting each of them for the first time. It was like there was a connection. Like we were all meant to find eachother, at that time.

I met my Soul Sisters a few months after i first started my Spiritual Awakening.

Since that first meeting. Everything made sense & clicked into place. It was like being in a safe space, being able to talk freely & not feel judged. To feel supported, encouraged & guided. Like coming home. Like the Universe brought us together.

I love & cherish my Soul Sisters.

They’ve each got their unique personalities & gifts.

They are all Warrior Women.

Whenever we meet up. Something new is learned.

Growing up i had a few people i looked up to.

Since meeting my Soul Sisters, now i look to my sides & see these beautiful women standing right beside me.

No one in front.
No one behind.
Side by side.
Equal & United.

Feeling able to just BE (if someone feels the need to cry/vent. They can express freely. No judgement).
Teaching (I’ve learnt alot from each of my Soul Sisters).

If i haven’t seen each of them in a while i start to miss them. But i know the love & support is always there.

Whenever we get together there’s always laughter & joy. Also abit of banter & jokes.

Even as I’m writing this blog I’m missing them all & thinking about the chats & laughs we’ve had.

I am so truly grateful to have met each of them.

Through the crazy twists & turns of the Spiritual Awakening journey.

They have been & are the Light in the Darkness.

*I Love You My Soul Sisters R, Ki, K, C, T & S.
Be Blessed Always*

Wherever you are in the world/Gaia i hope you have a blessed day/night.


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