Spirituality= Duality Blog 25/11/2021

Most people think being…..


Means that you’re love, light, praying & rainbows & that you’re 100% happy all the time in LaLa land riding a glitter unicorn through fields of candy floss flowers butt naked.

It’s not.

Being Spiritually Awake (to me means)……

Still feeling…..

Over thinking


All forms of releasing……

Other forms of releasing are…..

Writing- keeping a diary of how you feel each day.
Making a song/poem.
Keeping active or resting when you feel you need to.

I’m not love & light 24/7.

I swear.
I can be sarcastic.
I have a tenancy to ghost people for abit.

But I’m more aware of where my energy goes…….

I’m not interested in gossip.
I’m not interested in rows/arguements.
I’m not interested in people’s egos (Example- narcissists playing victim/ “Woe is me” after however many years of separation. Yeah………. No).

I’m also aware that when people project how they’re feeling onto others, sometimes it’s to do with their trauma (whether they’re conscious of it or not) & also their own emotions. You learn not to take the outburst of another personally as you are aware you’re only in control of how you react & your emotions no one else’s.

I have days where i like solitude & I’m deep thinking/day dreaming.
I have days where I’m clearing out clutter.
I have days where I’ll be inspired to write a blog/poem/song. Or just sit quietly under the glow of the sunshine & read a chapter of a book (Hello to anyone who’s familiar with Dolores Cannon’s books/work).
Upbeat days with music on & dancing/singing.

Spiritual means duality.
Like Yin & Yang.
Some days can feel dark, but there’s always light.

However you feel be sure to Do No Harm.

No Harm To Yourself.
And most importantly NO HARM TO OTHERS.

Wherever you are in the world/Gaia. I hope you have a blessed day/night.


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