2 Worlds Poem 29/11/2021

I’m existing in, 2 different worlds.
1 I’m living in & 1 I’m dreaming of.

Nearly in every dream, i see the same face.
It’s like a connection, i can’t explain.
Maybe I’m over thinking.
Maybe the synchronisities are leading the way.
It’s like trying to navigate the path through a dark fog.
I stop trying to figure it out & get on with my days.
Then bam.
I’m back in that dream of a misty haze.
What’s the lesson that must be learned?.
What’s the meaning behind that person that i always seem to see?
Constantly switching between
Reality & Now
Fate & Destiny.

There was a link, long ago.
But people drift & change.
So dreams why are you reminding of feelings from decades ago.
Like a torment of what could of been.
Of who i used to be. Before the teen years & where the only tears were happy.
Long summers spent. Running around in the sun. Laughter whenever we talked. Those short, yet fun filled years. One of my favourite versions of me. When i felt i was free. Free to be me. Making people laugh……….. those short golden years of childhood before the teen years kicked off & begun.

Where i am right now.
It’s like a YoYo of ups & downs.
Is my Mr Reality right for me?
Like everyone i have my doubts.
I see their Ego, more than the Soul behind their eyes.
I hear their Ego constantly & know that it’s a reflection of them, not of me.
Like a merry-go-round, that spins round & round in circles.
Never changing direction. The same old ups & downs.
Shout at me then play the clown.
Who could have ever thought.
A ring with a stone.
At times could feel like, a ball & chain.
On my cabinet is where it spends it’s days.
No ties, no contracts, no license.
No silver or gold band to complete the set.
I like that feeling, of not feeling tied down.
When so many have been down that wedding bell route, only to regret it.

I’m existing in, 2 different worlds right now.

One where i am shedding who i no longer am &
The other where I’m growing & creating who I’m meant to be & in doing so setting myself free………

Fate & Destiny
Merging into


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