When you need me……. Song 01/12/2021

Wake up…….
You are beautiful
You are strong, you’ve been believing other people’s opinions of you, for far too long.
You are wise.
You are not weak.
Look deep inside, for the answers you seek.
Get up, Get Dressed.
Show the world you’re not depressed.
Take your time, don’t rush yourself.
Beautiful things take time.
Always Believe in yourself.

When you need me, you will find me.
Like a whisper on the wind……….
When you need me, you will find me.
Like a soothing voice, from within.
When the world seems crazy, & you’re tip toeing closer, to the edge.
Focus on your breathing, take a deep breath instead.
You’re gonna be fine
You’re gonna make it through.
There’s a warrior ready to rise, deep down, inside of you.
Embrace who you are & yet to be.
It’s your life, your fate & your destiny.

Nurture who you are & whom you’re yet to become.
Unique, beautiful Sovereign BEing.
Tune in to your inner power, intuition & strength.
When you listen to within, the outside struggles will start to make sense.
Choose your battles carefully, like you choose what to wear.
Other people’s opinions of you don’t matter & you needn’t care.
Keep your head held high & your vibe even higher.


I believe in you.
I believe you will make it through.
Keep going.
Keep rising.
Keep shining bright.
You were born a warrior.
You can make it through this fight.
You’ve been through so much.
Look how far you’ve come.
Beautiful Human.


❤ *I’m Proud of You. You Amazing Beautifully Unique Sovereign BEing* ❤


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