Inner Glow Blog 02/12/2021


I took a moment & looked down at my feet.
Not pampered with nail varnish.
Just natural.

And i thought
Wow, how beautiful they look.

Then i went to the mirror & said………


I remember in my teens. I was offered dental surgery to “fix” my crooked smile which at the time would of involved my top jaw being broken & a mental plate added.

I can still remember what 15year old me thought……..

“But why do i wanna look like everyone else?”.

Years of regretting not getting it done.

But then i realised………

All those later years of caring & worrying what people thought of me. When in fact 15year old me was more braver & looking back she made many people laugh when she was acting the clown. That buzz of making people laugh……. I’ve carried that with me & i carry it still it…….

I wasted so many years trying to fit in.

It’s miserable trying to fit into the stereotypes of……..

This is the perfect weight, This is the new trend, This is how you should behave to be liked, This is the new brand which you must get etc…….

My point is…….

Why are you trying to hard to fit into a box stereotype they you were born to stand out of?.



(unless you’re a dirty pedophile That SICK SHIT WILL 100000% NEVER BE NORMAL OR ACCEPTED)

There’s never a Perfect weight.
No Perfect look or style.
No Perfect make up routine.

You know what is PERFECT……

A Woman or Man who is happy & confident with Who They Are on the inside & that inner glow radiates from within to the outside.
They Shine. They Radiate. They Glow. And in doing so that Light From Within….. Lights other people up & helps them Embrace who they are…… Confidence……….

Be happy with who you are………

Trust me no matter how old you get.
Most people around you haven’t got their shit together. So why try so hard to fit in?

Since when has life turned into a race to get a partner, get married, have that well paid job, own a house, expensive car etc….. you can’t take that shit with you when you die.
So why you busting your ass & energy trying to grab it?.

Stuck in a job you hate? Change it.
Unhappy in a relationship? Change it.

None of this Oh I’m too old.

No you’re not. You’re never to old to learn something new or start a new path in life.

You control You (emotions, decisions, opinions, responses, what you say & how you act) no one else is (unless your a kid then yeah your mum, dad, guardians are responsible for you til your an adult).

Claim Your UNIQUE Authentic Sovereignty

You know what you do take with you?


The unconditional Love you gave & the unconditional Love you received.
The happiness you brought to people & the happiness you felt.

That’s what you take & that’s what will be remembered. Not the Designer handbag that will likely be sold for cash when you pass over.

Be proud of Who You Are.
You’re an Ever Changing, Ever Evolving, 1 in a Billion Sovereign Human BEing.

Embrace yourself.
Love yourself.
Nurture yourself.
Be kind to yourself especially your mind.

Wherever you are in the world/Gaia i hope you have a blessed day/night.


4 thoughts on “Inner Glow Blog 02/12/2021

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