Inner Focus Poem 03/12/2021

I really like ya, but i shouldnt…….
Although the topic is taboo…
So many people stuck in toxic relationships…..
When i sometimes dream of being, stuck with you.
The craziness of what if, the temptation of what could be.
So many unhappy people, longing to be free.
Maybe in another life, another world, another dream.
Maybe in another reality, we possibly could of been.
For now i will stop, dreaming.
Stop wondering, what if.
Focus on my growth, myself, & my inner relationship.
Shatter all the verisons, of who i used to be.
Sing my inner song, finally setting, myself free.
Evolve into the woman, who was growing, deep inside.
The funny, Free Spirit dreamer. Who’s dreams I’d always hide.
The gifts, the lyrics, the jokes. Of years gone by.
Wrapped up in silver linings & kept on a shelf.
That time is now over, it’s time to start believing, in myself.
For words are energy, they carry great power.
Even the smallest thought, causes a ripple effect, & can start a fire.
Shedding who I’m not, and stepping into, who I’m yet to be.
Shy little wallflower, Blossoming beautifully.
Gazing at the sunlight & Glowing under a moonlit sky.
For now is the time for Dreamers, the Creators, it’s time to fly……………………


*I added a post to Instagram regarding this poem. I’ve attached the photos of that Instagram post to this poem*

Wherever you are in the world/Gaia. I hope you have a blessed day/night.


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