Raw Rebirth Poem 05/12/2021

Goodbye, to who i used to be.
Stuck in a void, of who I’m yet to be.
The darkness of renewing.
The sadness of not knowing.
The mind fog & frustration.
All becomes part of, the transformation.
The low emotions.
And the tears that will fall.
Dark Night of the Soul.
Cocooned within a protective wall.
I’ve been here many times.
I know the motions.
I know the ever changing tide, of high & low emotions.
Quick sand.
And fast.
How long will this Dark Soul last?.
A day.
A week.
No one knows.
The ever changing tidal wave, of highs & lows.
I knew it was coming.
I could feel it deep within.
Someone pulled the trigger.
Then the Dark Night of the Soul.
Crept in.
A trigger, which unearthed trauma.
Another lesson.
Another layer.
Another tear to shed.
Cycle after cycle.
With a little dash.
Of dread.
Tears will fall.
Eyes will glow.
The glow of stored emotions.
That have been felt deep within the Soul.
A release.
A cleanse.
The Ego must Evolve.
For when Ego rears it’s head.
So too does the Soul.
A battle.
Between Mouth & Mind.
A clash between Anger & Peace.
That trigger.
That push against a wall.
“Go on fucking do it!”.
Caused it all to fall.
Dark Night of the Soul……
Yes, i know it well.
Building up a protective wall around me.
From the bricks that fell…….
Cocooning myself.
Nurturing & Embracing who I’m yet to be.
Tear by tear I’m shedding…..
Who i used to be…….
Death of an old Ego…….
Renewal & Rebirth…….
Soul is resting deep within.
Quiet & still like the Earth.
A moment for clarity.
For deep thoughts & ideas.
A new me is yet to emerge.
From my stream of cleansing tears.
Silent is the mind.
Bare space.
Blank canvas.
Closed blinds.
Shut the Mouth.
Silence the Mind.
Let the warrior rest.
The old Ego die.
For when i step into the new version of me.
I hope that woman will fly……………


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