Rest & Recharge Blog 07/12/2021


Doing nothing & resting is what the body & mind need……

The gym workout can wait…….
That song you’re writing can wait……..
That party you’re planning can wait……..

I had one of those days yesterday. When i thought i had to be productive & write a blog.

But the words weren’t flowing.

So i listened to some music (the sort that makes you think & reminisce…….)

In that moment i realised the most spiritual/productive thing i could do was just……

To Rest.

All the day -to- day routine stuff was done.

Cleansing (visualised the negative vibes being washed away) shower & rested.

For once mind & body were in agreement 😅

Actually resting & feeling in tune with your body’s needs.

I listened to Train- Drops of Jupiter song & started to reminisce & daydream for a few moments.

If it was raining lastnight it would of been nice. Just chilling & listening to the rain…….

Take sometime to


Wherever you are in the world/Gaia. I hope you have a blessed day/night.


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