Energy Surfers Blog 12/12/2021

Happy & Blessed 12/12 beautiful BEings


Many may have felt


These last few weeks & especially these last few years.

For some it comes in waves…….

You go through a period of calm…



You’re hit by a wave of negative emotions.

You surf…..

Wave after wave after wave……

I’ve come to realise as many more awaken consciously & start to awaken to their divine consciousness & Sovereignty….

Those who are already awake are surfing those waves.
Transforming & Transmuting those lower negative emotions & energies, over & over.

Feeling the emotions that pop up in the waves & changing them into love, light, peace, calm, comfort, gratitude, forgiveness, etc…….

Clearing & transforming those lower negative vibrations into higher vibrations……..

You’re awake for a reason…..

By transforming these energies you help the whole human collective consciousness (whether awake or not) rise to a higher vibrational frequency.

We’re all evolving as is Mother Gaia & every BEing that lives on this planet.

Keep going & Keep supporting one another as we go through this huge collective shift.

No one is ever alone & we are all united.

In Pure Love & Divine Light i hope you have a Blessed day/night wherever you are in the world/Mother Gaia.


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