Mum Poem 13/12/2021

Dedicated to my one & only mum. We’ve had our ups & downs. But i wouldn’t change you for the world. I Love You Crazy Lady.

I don’t wanna be/ain’t mad at you, for the way things went down.
I know you only raised me, the best way, you know how.
I know growing up, i wasn’t always, easy to tame.
I know sometimes i took the mick, & called you lame.
I remember sometimes how you got, so mad & you’d bite your tongue.
It wasn’t always easy to admit, that you we’re right, & i was wrong.
Clashing most days, harsh words being spoken.
Tears cried & often, hearts left broken.
Shattered bonds, once strong at a young age.
Then came the teen years, and adolescence rage.
I didn’t understand back then, that you were looking out for me.
I didn’t understand that the invasion of privacy, was that you were only worried about me.
You still have that tone, the one that i can tell.
I know I’ve caused you stress, and put you through hell.
I’m sorry I’m not the daughter, you once dreamt of.
I’ve come off track a few times, but i know I’ve always had your love.
Some of the stuff you say, irritates me like a tick.
I love you Mum, & I’m sorry for being such a bitch…………


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