Reflecting on 2020/2021 Blog 16/12/2021

2021……..What changed?

Many may be on their spiritual awakening journey………

You’ve probably faced & made a few changes along the way…….

Reflecting back on 2021 maybe even 2020…….

I’ve made a few changes…..

• I gave up & stopped eating beef & pork.
• I stopped drinking cow’s milk. Instead have oat/coconut milk.
• I chose organic produce (where possible).
• I started using Eco products.
• I gave up drinking normal hot chocolate. Instead switched to Cacao powder.
• Gave up processed sugar. Instead use organic coconut sugar.
• Regular & frequent clear outs. We accumulate so many things over time & it clutters up personal space.
• Gave up sugar laden sodas.
• Stopped following the crowd & followed my own intuition.
• Set myself free from other people’s behaviours & their own thoughts of me (version of me they had in their head of me).
• Set boundaries.
• Lost interest in pointless gossip & drama.
• Drifted away from people.
• Learnt that where my focus goes energy flows.
• Learnt to OBserve not ABsorb in situations.
• Stopped using certain brands due to the toxic chemicals they contain. Certain metals causing cancer.

Whilst I’ve changed a few things, I’ve also gained aswell.

• I found my Soul Sisters. My Tribe of Amazing Warrior Women who support & love one another unconditionally. All from different backgrounds. I’ve learnt so much since i found & met them in June 2021. Each one of them is beautifully unique & wise. I’ve learnt so much from each of them.
• I’ve discovered my gifts. Pieces from my life (interests & experiences) are fitting together like a jigsaw & making perfect sense. From Wicca to Astrology. It’s all interlocking.
• I’ve found my confidence (setting up this website & releasing my work to the world/Mother Gaia).
• Remembering & getting in touch with my inner child (10year old me who was full of dreams).
• I’m reaching out to people more on social platforms (keep going everyone. You’ve got this).
• I’m seeing more. I’m feeling more. I’m more in tune with the world/Mother Gaia around me.
• My intuition is heightened.
• I trust myself fully.
• I became more mindful of what i speak & say to people. Does this situation require my response? Or would being silent be the better outcome?.
• I enjoyed spending time alone & appreciating the silence. Hearing the bird’s sing & listening to the wind blow & the rain fall.
• Meditation (i found meditating when I’m slightly tired actually woke me up more & visa versa. When i couldn’t sleep I’d meditate & feel more chilled so ready for sleep).
• I learnt to quiet my mind & calm any anxiety that popped up.
• I learnt how to heal my body.

It’s all been such a learning curve. And I’m still learning each step of the way.

Instead of asking

Why is this happening to me?

I flipped it to

What can i learn from this?

That’s the great thing about BEcoming Who You Are……… you’re uncovering things each step of the way. Things that set your soul on fire & sparks your inner joy & creativity.

This is my journey.

How is your journey going? Feel free to drop a comment : )

Wherever you are in the world/Mother Gaia i hope you have a blessed day/night.


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