2minute Love & Light Poem (with a little info) 19/12/2021

Let me just, take a minute.
And reminisce.
How much I’ve grown, since this c*vid mist.
I see the world, with my 3rd eye.
I see through the illusion, the bullshit & lies.
I see through the fear, the tales the media spread.
I see through all the hate & divison of dread.
I see the fear, that lies, behind the masks.
I see the ones trying to warn, & labelled outcasts.
I also see hope. The warriors that rise.
I see a new future, not humanity’s demise.
Many have awakened, to this call.
This call to save humanity, from the large to the small.
From young to old. The strong to the meek.
Separation & division, is what the dark seek.
Their time is up. Their reign will end.
As dark comes to light.
And so it begins………………..



*Information to read up on*

The Age Of Aquarius.
The Golden Age.
1,000 Years of Peace.
Hopi Prophesy.
Dolores Cannon teachings (The Three Waves of Volunteers and The New Earth) as well as Dolores’ other books.
Evolution of Humanity.
Energy, Frequencies & Vibrations.

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