Abit About Me Blog 19/12/2021

*******Free Spirit*******

I wanted to do an intro & give you a glimpse into who i am.

I’m Spiritual.

(No, not the stereotype of getting on my knees & praying each night or going to church). I think I’ve said the word Fuck more times than I’ve actually prayed lol.

There’s certain bits from religions i resonate with.
Obey- no way!

I don’t believe the Divine is only in 1 place (churches). I believe the Divine (or as i call Universe) is all around.

In my teen years i got interested in Wicca & Astrology (I’m an Aquarius). As I’ve got older I’d say I’m more eclectic (i use different aspects). There’s no set way of doing things. I don’t regularly practice the craft.

Oracle cards.
Crystals (love selenite).
Essential oils.
Incense sticks.
Tarot cards.
Smudge bundles (white sage & palo santo).
The moon phases & stars.
Sunsets & Sunrises.
Nature & animals.
Beach walks *very relaxing*
Fluent in sarcasm.
Good listener.

I’ve been writing since my teen years as a way to release how i was feeling. Over time i started writing songs/poems.

Love the colour Blue.

Ever Changing.
Ever Evolving.
Stepping into the Woman I’m yet to be.

Be Brave.
Be True.

Wherever you are in the world/Mother Gaia. I hope you have a blessed day/night.


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