Last Christmas Poem 25/12/2021

*Sometimes in life. It takes a long time to finally admit that things aren’t working. In this case, a relationship. Long years together yet we’ve been drifting apart. The short row this morning made it clear. We’re not meant to be together. And despite me launching this site in July 2021. You’re properly never going to see this poem. I’ve let all my anger out in this.
It’s time to call it quits. I wrote this earlier this morning.*

I’m ready.
To call it quits.
I’m ready.
To cut ties.
I’m sick of all the bullshit.
And I’ve heard enough of the lies.
I’m happier when you’re not here.
I’m chill.
I’m calm.
I’m free.
Yet when you come back here.
It’s plan to see.
You don’t love me.

Would you treat her this way?
That woman you work with.
Hope she has a large van.
To take all of your shit.
Your crush at work.
The lady that you like.
Have you tried to get with her?
Or did she tell you to take a hike.
I really hope you get with her & finally fucking leave.
Because then i can find my centre & finally be free.
Free from all your moaning.
Free from all your lies.
Free from your “I’ll do my theory soon”.
All the angst in disguise.

I’m not me.
When I’m with you.
I could never be.
The me who’s so free spirited.
And longing to be free.

The love has gone.
It left long ago.
Now all that’s left.
Is an empty, shallow hole.

You’re not who i fell in love with.
And it’s plain to see.
Both of us are unhappy together & it’s not just me.

I don’t see a future.
We’re just sailing in the mist.
Can’t see where we’re going.
Hope has gone adrift.

Miserable together.
Happier apart.
Hopefully soon it will be official.
And we can both have a fresh start.

No more fake kisses.
No more i love you.
No more I’ll text you later.
No more shouting from the loo.
No more assuming.
No more playing games on your phone.
Sometimes I’m happier, simply being alone.

You’re never going to read this.
You’ve never visited this site.
Shows how much you notice me.
Even in real life.
Growing apart.
Day by day.
I doubt we’ll even make it.
To the next anniversary.
Years together.
All tear by tear, washing away.
I know the big split is coming & I’m ready for it today.
I’m ready to let you go.
I’m ready to be single.
You can get pissed at your work, be free to roam & mingle.

I mentioned her today.
When you were in a mood.
I really hope you get with her & i really hope it’s soon.
Christmas Day.
A time for family & fun.

Yet your response to me bringing her up was.
“Yeah & I’ll f**k her hard”.

So yeah I’m in a mood today.
I’m pissed that you’re still here.
When it’s clear as the rain it’s over.
As i don’t wanna be with you another single f**king year.


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