Limbo Poem 27/12/2021

I’m sitting here crying.
Even i don’t know why.
Old emotions resurfacing.
Overthinking as to why.
Feeling the pain.
As if it were yesterday.
Nearly 10years ago.
I still remember that day.
An anniversary of heartache.
Which i wish i could forget.
Deep sadness & sorrow.
Tied with longing regret.
Hindsight a stalking, nagging bitch.
Emotions flared with an anxious twitch.
Why am i feeling this way?
I do not know.
A shadow of one’s self.
From so long ago.
A version of me.
From my past.
Remembering again.
Like a blast from the past.
Yet knowing & understanding.
That version of me no longer exists.
She’s disintegrated into a fine mist.
3 poems today i have written.
Each one written with raw emotion.
Maybe one day i will find inner peace.
Without old traumas resurfacing in my face.
Body be calm.
Mind be clear.
You aren’t that old version.
You’ve moved on, my dear.


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