No Fear New Year Blog 03/01/2022

Happy No Fear.

(Happy New Year).

Sorry it’s taken me a few days to write a new blog. Currently have a fever & throat glands playing up.

How is everyone?.

On the 1st of January it felt like a shift had taken place. Listening to the birds singing & the atmosphere felt very calm & mellow on the morning of the new year.

Although the night before i heard a loud bang twice (like a car blowing up) & a neighbour said they saw a flash of light. It wasn’t fireworks.

2022 feels like a positive healthy happy year (222). I feel this year is all about stepping into & BEcoming whom we’re meant to be. Like the inner child in each of us is creating & having fun. Talents/gifts are emerging & you’re actually enjoying being creative. Some might be pursuing a new career or changing direction in their lives. Some might even be selling up, buying a campervan, freelance working & travelling.

Just imagine…….

All the negative emotions- pain, frustration, trauma, anger, sadness & sorrow you felt in 2021.

Might have been healing you, rejuvenating you so you are prepared to set yourself free for 2022.

Keep going you’re doing amazing.

Wherever you are in the world/Mother Gaia have a blessed day/night.


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