Rising New Day Poem 21/01/2022

Focused on the future…..
Yet, remembering the past…..
Wondering how long a low moment will last?.
Not who i used to be.
1 step closer to, whom I’m yet to become.
Back & forth between memories.
Like bouncing from stepping stones. One by One.
3steps forward, yet head looks back.
Like looking at an imperfect crack.
Flaws & faults.
Mistakes & regrets.
Will the mind ever willingly forget?.
Wipe the slate clean.
Erase & Renew.
A fresh, bright new start.
Slowing coming into view.
Sorrys & Apologies for how the old me used to be.
Cleansing & Renewing of the soul.
New mindset possibilities.
Forgiving the old me for the mistakes & lessons learned.
Side stepping, if old habits & behaviours, ever were to return.
Writing everything out.
That is felt from within.
Layer by layer.
The mind & restlessness drifts away.
Minute by minute.
Day by day.
The mood lifts.
The guilt & shame fades.
Fades like a cloud against a bright colourful sky.
Seeing the sun shine through.
Colours magnified.
Soul & Mind Mesmerised.
The beauty & enthusiasm, of a bright new day.
The old me is gone.
The new me is rising & shining……


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