Past Vs Future (Questions) Blog 31/01/2022

In my mid 30s I’ve realised alot.

I’ve also got a few regrets, mistakes & chances i didn’t take.

In hindsight there’s so much i would of done differently.

Honestly my main 2 regrets are………….

1) not saying yes to the crush i had in school & taking that chance.
2) not ending a bad relationship sooner (we were better as friends i realise that now).

As you get older, you start to realise what really matters & what really doesn’t matter.

Matters to me-

My family near & far.
Loved ones happy & healthy.
Close friends that have become closer than family.
Roof over my head.
Food on the table.
Learning a career I’m actually interested in.
My inner peace.
Writing (diaries, journals, blogs, poems & songs).
Listening to my intuition.
BEcoming a better person each day.
Healthy eating.
Being out in Nature/Mother Gaia.
Travelling & visiting new places (when possible).

Doesn’t matter-

Petty rows & nasty words spoken out of hate/rage.
Impulse purchases (feeling the need to buy something to be happy).
Other people’s opinions (“you shouldn’t do that”, “you can’t sing” etc).
Being unhappy at a job just to pay the bills.
Settling in a relationship that isn’t really going anywhere (you’re both unhappy).

I’m sitting here.

Deep in thought tonight.

If you could go back in time & change a few things……..

Would you?.

If you passed on tomorrow……………

Would you have any regrets?.

For me personally i wouldn’t change the lessons i have learned, but i would make a few changes (small ones).

I guess this blog kinda links in with the phrase……..

Another year older.
Another year wiser.

Have a think…………..

Would you change anything in your life if you could go back in time?.

Feel free to drop a comment :o)

Wherever you are in the world/Mother Gaia. I hope you have a blessed day/night.


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