Tower Moment/Reflection Blog 04/02/2022

*I started writing this early this morning. The xxxxxxxxxxxxx line is the part i added this evening.*

I was going to do a video on this but thought I’d write instead.

Some might come to a point in their lives where it feels like people are drifting away. Or you might be feeling like a change.

It’s sort of like a rebirth & stepping into a newer version of you.

For me today.

I woke up & done the usual tidying up (housework). Then i looked in the mirror & wasn’t feeling myself. So i decided to cut my own hair (yes, in the past I’ve done this & regretted it as sometimes i hacked too much off & ended with a weird short bob lol). Difference is, this time i watched a YouTube video on how to do it properly. Once that was done, decided to do my make up.

After all that.

I find myself still thinking……….

I’m not gonna lie. I have a tendency to overthink.


As the day has gone on & turned into night.

I have decided to take a break for abit………

Some might recognise it as that Tower Moment Stage where everything shifts & changes (sort of like the cocoon stage a catapillar goes through until it becomes a butterfly) or as i call it Catapillar Sludge Mode.

I’ve been through this many times & i recognise the feelings that pop up (hibernate, isolate, keep myself to myself) whilst i work through how I’m feeling & who I’m becoming.

Abit of listening to the inner knowledge one carries within.

Silence & Solitude.

I’m done trying to figure certain things out (repeating dreams) & synchronisities that pop up in them. If you’re familiar with the term Twin Flames you might understand what i mean.

For so long my focus has been on outside things (daydreaming/future planning).

So now I’ve decided to just chill & do me.
To connect & find that part of me that enjoys the bliss that comes from meditating & do that more.
To find & set a healthy routine of waking & then chilling out in the evenings.
To write more (songs, poems, diary entries).
To paint & create more.
To enjoy the silence & stillness of just BEing & listening to my own vibrational beats of my heart whilst under water.
Be out in nature more.
More sleep.
Less drama (people talking about a certain situation & at times it sounds like noise pollution to me).
Guarding my own energy & letting go of other people’s energy that isn’t mine (thoughts, opinions & feelings).

I’m not who i am yet to be & that’s fine.

Changing & Evolving is never a straight forward process from start to finish.

So I’m going to take this time to Change, Create, Discover, Nurture & Evolve into this new version of me that I Am BEcoming/Stepping into.

Write soon xxx

Wherever you are in the world/Mother Gaia. I hope you have a blessed day/night.


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