Play Blog 05/02/2022

Felt inspired to write whilst driving today (normally get ideas when I’m in that meditative/chilled out frame of mind).

It came to my mind……….

Did you know children learn through play in their early years?.

As we get older so many of us forget to be Playful.

Whether it be in our careers, hobbies & even relationships.

That little spark at the beginning of a relationship where everything is exciting. Everything is new & you’ve no idea where it’s going to lead to but you’re excited & enthusiastic anyway.

I find that I’m at my most creative when I’m playing around.

Learning new things.
Home decor ideas/planning.

It helps to think outside of the box.

At times we can get so wrapped up in doing things a certain way. We can forget that there are many paths that can lead to the desired outcome not just 1 straight path.

So however you’re feeling today/whatever you may be doing.

Be Playful……..
Be Loving…………
Be Creative…………
Go with the Flow……….

Wherever you are in the world/Mother Gaia. I hope you have a blessed day/night.


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