Stress….. What’s the f**king point Blog 08/02/2022

Sitting here…….


As we go through the school years. Some are told to stand up for themselves. “Stand your ground”, “Stand up for yourself”. Like everytime there’s a confrontation We’re expected to rise, show up & stand our ground.

Yet it isn’t until some years later that we realise we didn’t have to show up for every battle, challenge & situation.

I wonder how much energy is wasted? How much stress has taken it’s toll on the body?.

Going through the teen years- everything is new & we tend to worry about everything (what our friends think, grades, school subjects, test results, weight & social stuff). Fitting in & feeling accepted can feel like a major thing growing up.

Yet as we get older. We tend to worry about adult things (getting that job/promotion, mortgage, finding The One, etc).

Some of the emotions we may feel:

Stress, anxiety, sadness, depression, frustration, envy, jealousy, pressure.

Many may turn to addictions to take the edge off the pressure (alcohol, smoking, drugs).

Have you ever looked back at a situation & thought you could of acted differently?

Thing is we’ve got so wrapped up in Showing Up to situations that want a reaction.

We forget that Silence, Not Reacting & Walking Away are just as powerful as a pair of fists flying at each

So many times I’ve ran my mouth & regretted it after (coming back into my centre & focusing on my breathing would of been more beneficial) as well as walking away from the situation. Plus there’s dealing with the stress hormones rushing around the bloodstream (both during & after) and waiting for your heart rate to slow down back to the resting rate.

My point of this blog is……….

Before you react to a situation (get invited to a battle/row/war of words) think to yourself………

Is this really worth getting stressed about?.

Is it so important to prove a point, row & get yourself stressed out (mentally & physically) for?.

Does this person/situation require a response? (Some people thrive on drama & are normally looking for a person to argue with) look up the term Narcissists & see if it reminds you of anyone you might know.

(I’ve attached 2 photos of 2 books i recommend if you feel you might know someone with the Narcissist traits).

I have both of these books at home & i have found them helpful.

Wherever you are in the world/Mother Gaia. I hope you have a blessed day/night.


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