Mixed Topics (Dreams, Twin Flame, 22/02/2022 etc) Blog 23/02/2022

Special dreams.

I was visited in lastnights dream by a loved one. In the dream she told me she can feel if I’m happy or sad. That heaven is a beautiful place. In the dream i told her to visit 1 of her sons. Then i got emotional in the dream.

I woke up feeling loved today.

I’ve had visits in dreams from loved ones before. These dreams always feel very special to me. As the love between us is still strong in the spiritual realm just as it was in the physical realm.

I wanted to write about this today. As the energies increase on Mother Gaia more spiritual things will be happening. I’m sure many of you have heard that the veil is at it’s thinnest at Halloween.
I feel that as Mother Gaia shifts into 5D more of these spiritual visits will be happening.

I had a conversation with a loved one who is in this realm & she stated that someone saw a physical manifestation of a loved one (the loved one in spirit manifested so that the physical loved one could see them).

As we Grow, Change & Evolve.

More of our divine consciousness gets activated & comes online (same happens with gifts. Some might be feeling they’re feeling more intuitive, some might be thinking of someone & then that person calls, some might be thinking of something then it happens, two people might think the same thing & then say it etc). Some have even said our DNA will go back to the full 12 strands instead of what we have already. You’ll also be able to connect with your Higher Self more easily.

Trust these gifts.
You were born with them for this very moment.
Tap in.
Tune in.

Seeing the same person in a dream?. How do you feel when you wake up? Do you feel to contact that person?.

I’ve had dreams where the same person would appear. I even went as far as to thinking “Twin Flame”.
I’ve seen posts in groups where the topic pops up often. I felt in some situations, sometimes people became obsessed in trying to find/connect with their “Twin Flame”.
If it’s meant to be it will come naturally. After all you chose everything in this life when you reincarnated (i know it sounds shit, like why would a soul choose hardships to go through?). Soul contracts. Dolores Cannon.

Right I’m going off topic here…….

Back to the Twin Flame……

I was dreaming of the same person on & off for months maybe even a year or so. I wasn’t thinking of them before the dreams. I did read up on “Twin Flame” information. But i didn’t want to get caught in that trap of “Oh that’s my twin flame” then get obsessed like a few of the posts I’ve seen.

So i have been focusing on myself (my health, mental wellbeing, mindfulness, etc). I know that if we’re meant to pop into eachother’s lives the universe will bring us together for whatever reason when we’re meant to meet on our paths.

The 22/02/2022 portal.
Did you feel the energies yesterday?.
How did you feel?.
How was your day?.
Did you experience anything?.

Divine feminine rising.

Yesterday was a very special day.

For me.

I met up with my soul sisters πŸ’–πŸ’œπŸ’™πŸ’šπŸ’›πŸ§‘β€. It’s always special when i meet up with my sisters. I felt i had to be there yesterday. Even if it was for a little bit. My soul knew where i had to be. My soul sisters will always have my love wherever they are.

On the way home i was in alignment.
Wherever i went yesterday. I just knew it was an amazing day.
Even today i feel the energies are rising.
It’s a beautiful sunny day with a slight winter breeze where i am.

Everything feels new. Like a new beginning/rebirth is happening/has started. Mother Gaia is changing & so is every BEing that lives on this planet.

I’m sorry this blog has turned into a few random topics.

I will sign/end this blog with 1 final thought……….

BE the Change.
BE the Light.
You wish to see in this beautiful world/Mother Gaia.
You’ve had the power all along………………..

Wherever you are in the world/Mother Gaia. I hope you have a blessed day/night.


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