Tears Like Raindrops Blog 24/02/2022

It’s grey & heavy rain today…..

Yet just as each raindrop falls. I understand every beat it leaves on the ground.

I can resonate with todays weather/earthly feel where i am in the world/Great Mother Gaia.

You could say I’m crying along with the rain today.

I woke up not feeling myself.
I woke up feeling the urge to cry.

You might be thinking……

Cry about what?.
What’s upset you?.

Truth is nothing has.

Nothing has hurt me.
No one has upset me.
I’m not feeling pain.
My minds not overthinking, causing anxiety or stress.
No it’s not that time of the month.

I’m a classic closet crier. I prefer to cry & let it all out when I’m on my own.

I’m ok.
I’m loved.
I’m safe.
I’m divinely protected.

I haven’t been storing emotions (brushing them under the carpet).

I know fully well what to do in this moment………..

I’m sitting (well lying in bed), BEing present in this moment & just letting the tears flow without any intention of holding them back.

I’m happy these tears are being released from my body & energy field.

Crying can be a very cleansing feeling.

A release.
A letting go.

The plan for the rest of today is….

To just simply BE.

If i don’t feel like talking, I’ll be silent.

If i don’t feel like doing my make up, i won’t.

If i feel to lounge around in comfy gym leggings, i will.

Hair not straightened, oh well no biggy.

Chill out with a fluffy blanket watching movies, hot cacoa oaty milk & occasionally looking out the window to see how Great Mother Gaia is doing with her raindrops/tears.

Sounds like a plan for today.

I know I’m changing.
I know I’m going through the endless layers.
I know the process/stages/phases.
I know today in these moments i will be sitting & being still in this solitude/silence.
It’s a sombre feeling when you don’t need to think & your mind just says “I’m having a personal day today”.
So today I’m going to revel in the silence, solitude, nourish, nurture & embrace myself.

Letting the tears flow & fall where they land.

Just like Great Mother Gaia is doing where i am in the world.

No rush, taking time & just BEing………………

Wherever you are in the world/Great Mother Gaia. I hope you have a blessed day/night.


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