Rise Warrior Poem 26/02/2022

I’m seeing changes.
I don’t want to see.
I’m seeing compromised immune systems,
From friends & family.
Years taken, in the blink of an eye.
Believing the media.
That are paid to lie.
Years full on.
Pumped out fear.
Blaring through the tvs.
And spreading from ear to ear.
Lonely & isolating segregation.
Vax on parade.
Get them in, shoot em up & get them out.
Millions protesting in the streets.
Truth coming from their mouths.
Drip by drip.
The truth will come to light.
Hopefully it’s not too late.
To save someone’s life.
People say the war has started.
When in truth………..
The war started long ago.
You’re only just waking up.
To a millennia of pain & sorrow.
Enough is enough.
Warriors will rise.
For the awakened have heard.
Humanity’s cries.
From all walks of life.
We come together.
Standing as one.
Whatever the weather.
Keep going my friend.
Hold the line.
Humanity is rising.
It’s Your Time to Shine.
Shine & light the way for others in the dark.
Awaken & teach their divine spark.
Lead the way for others to follow.
Help those in need & drowning in sorrow.
The time has come.
You heard the call.
A call to action.
Not for one, but for all.
Awaken Warrior.
Rise like the Sun.
You had the power all along.
It only takes one.
One match to light the pack.
One spark to shine the way.
One light sovereign being.
To shine the dark away.
You’ve got this & many have got you.
Never forget who you are.
For an army is backing you.

Be Blessed.
Blessed Be.
Love & Light.
Peace & Harmony.


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